SET MENU 1 – Crab and shellfish-feast

03-27-14 0

Three course meal – Served both hot and cold

Crab and shellfish soup
A rich soup brewed over 15 hours with spider crab, rock crab, green crab; adorned with locally caught scallops, shrimp, mussels and cod.  Served with homemade bread garnished with olives and paprika and garlic butter


Vitinn Deluxe Seafood Platter
An assortment of locally caught fresh shellfish and fish including rockcrab, horsemussels, mussels, shrimp, whelk, lobster and Icelandic cyprine. Specialty cutlery and associated accoutrements are provided for extracting meat from shells


Homemade Mocha Ice-cream
Served on a bed of berries and topped with whipped cream

Kr. 9.600 (per person) min. 2