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Seafood Restaurant by the harbour

Vitinn restaurant is located, just minutes from Keflavik airport, in the town of Sandgerði and is therefore an excellent place to visit on the way to or from the airport. This beautiful restaurant brings the freshest seafood straight to your plate.


The Crab feast

Vitinn specialty is the Rock Crab, a delicacy found only in this part of Iceland and on the US East coast. This is one of the few if not the only restaurant in Europe that offers this treat fresh from the sea. Special live holding tanks in the back garden of the restaurant guarantee the crabs so you can be sure of the very best dining experience… read more >>


Traditional iceland cusine

The menu and the presentation of each course show off Icelandic cuisine at its best. Besides seafood, there is also a delicious offering of Icelandic specialties such as lamb steak. However, it is not restricted to classic Icelandic foods alone but provides a truly international variety.


From Famished to Feasted in 10 minutes

krabbaveisla3You’ve just landed at Iceland’s international airport and your stomach is rumbling! It’s at least an hour before you can settle into your hotel in Reykjavík – and longer before you can find somewhere to eat. What you need is a good meal – and now! You could eat a standard snack to be found the world over or…  Read more >>